Jul, 2014 Product Review:

AirAide 5 star rating
Get AirAide at The greatest thing about AirAide™ is that it practically sells itself. Customers have been proving it to themselves for years with the peak flow meter included in their starter kit. Whether you are an athlete looking to increase your performance or just someone who would like to breathe easier, AirAide™ may be the safe, proven all-natural solution for you.

If you need convincing, head over to their site and read their ever-growing customer testimonials. is your source for information about AirAide™ products, events and retail locations. Research what it is, what it does, who uses it and what their customers are saying about it. AirAide™ is the leading natural way to build more energy, endurance, stamina and strength.

This unique new botanical supplement naturally enhances breathing without the use of any chemical additives or stimulants within its exclusive blend. The all-natural, proprietary formulation has been fully lab-tested for safety, and has been effectively used for years by practitioners and clinicians as an alternative remedy for clearer breathing and improved upper respiratory health.

AirAide™ can be added to most any health and maintenance regimen or fitness program in order to safely and effectively increase ones breathing capacity to better optimize oxygen intake and exchange during a wide variety of aerobic activities. It is especially effective when used to counteract the adverse conditions associated with heavy ozone or oxygen deficient environments (flying, hiking, climbing, skiing, etc).

Actual effectiveness can be measured with the use of a Peak Flow Meter (Available FREE with Introductory AirAide™ Starter Kit). Peak Flow measurements taken before and after AirAide™ can provide an effective way to validate your results and improvement.Get AirAide at

AirAide™ is the Official product endorsed by the Chicago Storm Professional Indoor Soccer Organization and has helped numerous people optimize their breathing capacity and improve their personal recovery times. Few sports require the non-stop running, endurance and grueling physical activity which soccer demands. AirAide™ has been found to work and provide a definite edge in player performance, especially late in the game.

AirAide™ is a unique, pure botanical formulation which naturally enhances breathing, so that nearly anyone can derive a useful benefit from this product's rejuvenating effect. Many Testimonials have already been recorded documenting AirAide™'s proven effectiveness. These actual comments range from people of all ages, gender and interest levels. They represent both professional and devoted actives alike dedicated towards building stamina for increased endurance during training and competition to natural health and wellness segments simply wanting quality-tested, safe holistic remedies which can help to relieve the effects of environmental irritants that can sometimes inhibit clear air intake and exchange.

The unique patented AirAide™ herbal formula combines a variety of common botanical extracts derived from only the finest domestic and imported ingredients. The blend is created from a synergistic balance of flora, root, & citrus extracts, which in proper measure, provide a safe, natural, effective mechanism that helps to enhance breathing.

All herbs are individually tested for purity and stored under stringent FDA regulations before encapsulation. The formulation process is also monitored every step of the way by certified lab technicians located at the US based herbal manufacturing facilities ensuring that safety, consistency, and potency criteria meet all industry standards.

Prove It to Yourself! Training with AirAide™ can compliment Triathletes, Cyclists, and Runners supplemental regimens by helping them more efficiently increase lung capacity faster, and essentially build more stamina for better overall endurance during competition. AirAide™ can also dramatically reduce recovery times both during transition phases or at finish. AIRAIDE's all-natural botanical blend contains no chemical ingredients, steroids, or other harmful additives.

AirAide™ temporarily increases lung capacity to function at normal individual optimum levels, relieving the effects of Bronchial distress agents such as; smog, allergies and other environmental irritants. By Regulating breathing during intense training an athlete can experience a more balanced workout achieved through decreasing cardio-vascular stress and muscle fatigue which in-turn builds better endurance and enhances overall stamina for a competitive advantage come race day.

To train with AirAide™ simply take 2-6 capsules two hours prior to a work-out session and another 2-4 capsules at cool-down phase for faster recovery time. The dosage is recommended and based on primarily body size & weight. These Herbals do not exhibit the same properties as pharmaceutical drugs and therefore either dosage would not produce any harmful effects as associated with an overdose- in fact the dosage can be personally adjusted per different individual athletes physical characteristics or condition. For example, in areas of high elevations as associated with mountain biking, climbing, hiking or airline travel, an individual may want to increase the dosage up to 6 capsules and also increase the frequency in order to experience any significant breathing improvement consistent with his/her normal capacities.

This formulation has been used for over 15 years by holistic professionals and no adverse side effects have ever been reported. It has thoroughly been lab tested for toxicity, these studies report no toxic effects at any dosage. Most of the ingredients can be found on the GRAS List for time-tested proven safety.

AirAide™ is the Official product endorsed by the Chicago Storm Professional Indoor Soccer Organization and has helped numerous premier athletes optimize their breathing capacity and aid in faster recovery. Few sports require the non-stop running, endurance and grueling physical activity which soccer demands. AirAide™ has been found to work and provide a definite edge in player performance... especially late in the game.

AirAide™ temporarily increases lung capacity to function at normal individual optimum levels, by helping to relieve the effects of many bronchial distress agents such as smog, allergens, and other environmental irritants which can lead to labored breathing, fatigue, or even attribute to immune system stress.

The AirAide™ formulation has been used by holistic and homeopathic professionals for years and has shown no adverse or toxic effects at any dosage.

Many of the herbs used in AirAide™ can be found on the GRAS List, which have been known to exhibit certain positive oxygenation qualities as associated with thoracic health. Some of the common active extracts which support the AirAide™ blend, are: Peppermint (Menthae Herbe), Ginseng (Ginseng Radix), Ginger (Zingiberis Recens), Licorice (Glycyrrhizae Radix), Orange Citrus (Aurantii Fructus), and Rhubarb (Rhei Rhizoma et Radix).

The formulation technology associated with this exclusive blend promotes balanced cellular energy through more efficient oxygen absorption which also helps to regulate breathing during a wide variety of physical or health-related activities.


Testimonial by Brian S. of Arvada, CO

"Say I really like the product and I used it, as you instructed, for the Denver Marathon and it worked extremely well. I admit I was a tad skeptical but, all the fears went away when I was breathing really well!! Flat out.. the stuff works!!"

Brian S
Arvada, CO

Testimonial by Shannon R. of Kokomo, IN

"I had a great turn out in Denver I actually got a PR (Personal Record) 4:09 I took the airaide 5 minutes prior to the race and had had plans to take two more during the race but I lost my pills from my pocket. The altitude never bothered me. I had no ill after effects but I probably did not take them correctly but I believe the first half the airaide really helped bring me to my personal record."

Shannon R. Kokomo, IN  

Testimonial by Ed G. of Chicago, IL

"...we had a tournament this weekend, and it was phenomenal. We used AirAide™ in between games to regain some energy naturally, through increased air flow.  Wowwww....

We tried it on one team and they took each 4 pills before 2nd and 3 game.

I tell you they played as if it was the first...

Very interesting...

Now before we order I need you to send me some flyers and literature to give out to boys parents, so that I may get them all on board. Please mail the literature ASAP.

I have already started collecting money from boys for our first team order, but I would like to have all parents to sign a waiver.

So please send me brochures etc...


Ed G.
High School Soccer Coach
Chicago Stars SC  

Testimonial by Derrick Hassell of Clio, MI

"I have been running for 6 years and this (AirAide) has helped to dramatically improve my times... example... 30 min improvement from spring marathon to my fall marathon... over 1 min on my 5k. and 3 and half minutes on 4 mile times. Thank you."

Derric Hassell
Clio, MI  

Testimonial by Cheri C. of Lakewood, CO

"The AirAide really makes a positive difference for me on long runs. It is particularly useful in this altitude, and I am definitely sold on its effect on my performance. I also used it when riding my bike in the mountains and found I wasn't having the same breathing problems. I hope to try it skiing as well.

Thanks for an excellent product." Cheri C.
Lakewood, CO  

Testimonial by Michael Lewis of Bonner Springs, KS

"Four people from my running group came from Kansas to run in the Denver Marathon, so of course one of our biggest concerns was the altitude difference. Which is why your booth at the expo interested me quite a bit. Actually looking back on my whole Denver experience I think your booth was one of the most informative. As you have mentioned I did take a sample bottle of AirAide with me that day, and very glad that I did. I took two capsules that evening before going to sleep, and then two more capsules approximately 30 minutes before the start of the race the next day. First of all, I have to say it was the best sleep I've ever had the night before a race. During the race there wasn't a time when I felt the altitude was going to do me in. My breathing seem just as normal as it did running my 20 mile training run back on the prairie. I believe that neither of those things would have been the same if I hadn't taken your product AirAide. Myself and one other member from my group tried your product and we both felt the same way, great and glad that we tried AirAide. The other two people didn't take AirAide and both mentioned that the altitude started to take a toll on them at some point during the race. Thanks for being at the expo and taking the time to talk to me and answer any questions I had that day."

Michael Lewis
Bonner Springs, KS  

Testimonial by John H. of Milwaukee, WI

"I was not feeling well, felt like a cold the Fri. and Sat. before and during my marathon. I took the product before the marathon and was impressed with the results. I definitely was breathing easier and did not have shortness of breath that I normally get when I run. I was on pace for a personal record but unfortunately hurt my knee and had to walk the last 5 miles. My previous best was 4:11 and I finished at 4:43. I used the same training regimen I used in the past. I figure I would have been sub 4 hours without the knee issues and walking 5 miles.

Thank you for you time and I am a believer in AirAide"

John H.
Milwaukee, WI  

Testimonial by Denise B. of Oxford, MI

"Met you at the Expo event in Detroit Michigan held over this past weekend. I decided to run my half-marathon with your product and again during my regular Tuesday run, then yoga class. I'd really like your product and look forward to using it more often. I very interested in carrying this product in my office. I run a massage therapy business and work on a lot of athletes."

Denise B.
Oxford, MI  

Testimonial by Sam Petre of CA

"Thank you for giving me the AirAide. What a difference.

I've had asthma for fifteen years. I have to carry an inhaler with me everywhere I go. I am constantly aware of my breathing and know when I am breathing at a comfortable level. After visiting your booth at the triathlon, I'd have to say I was more than slightly skeptical. I figured I had my inhaler as a back up, so I took 5 pills. I then went longboarding on the boardwalk with some friends and after skating to the top of a hill; I stopped to catch my breath. However, I noticed something very different. I was still breathing, albeit heavy, but there was no diminished function. In fact, I haven't breathed that well, apart from a nebulizer, in 15 years. Bravo! I went around the rest of the day just breathing deeply and smiling. The chains have been cut and for that I am eternally grateful."


Sam Petre

Testimonial by John M. of San Diego, CA

"My first time hearing about "AirAide" was while checking in for the "San Diego Triathlon Challenge". There was a booth where I stopped to talk to "Tom Long" about a product he was introducing. I asked about it and he said it helped with breathing. Well that got my attention since I suffer from a mild case of Asthma. I took three pills the next morning before my event and I did not experience the same "first mile" catch my breath syndrome. In fact I felt as if I was already warmed up! No heavy/tight chest feeling, heart rate was good, I felt great! Being a quadriplegic also makes breathing difficult, but now with "AirAide" it's easy breathing for me. I have taken it everyday before my work outs since then and I experience the same "already warmed up" feeling each time. Thanks Tom...thanks for AirAide."

John M.
San Diego, CA  

Testimonial by Greg L. of Colorado

Greg L. with daughter Amanda

"I did not try it for the Colfax half marathon as I do not like to try something new on race day. However I used it afterwards for a couple of recovery/training runs prior to the Bolder Boulder which was the following week. I decided to use AirAide™ during the race and see if it made any difference in the race... well... I ran my best time in years... 46:57 a pace of 7:34, I beat my age of 48, and was one of only 1,438 runners out of 44,000 finisher or 3.3% of all runners to beat their age. All along the way I felt great and had plenty in the tank to finish strong."

Greg L.

Testimonial by Susan B. of Chicago, IL

"I like your product, but I did not want to use it before the marathon not knowing how I would react to it. I used it the other day once before a long run, and I noticed a big difference on how I ran. I will continue to use it and highly recommend it to anyone who is an endurance athlete."

Susan B.
Chicago, IL  

Testimonial by Chris R. of Colorado

Chris R.

"I came to work with a sinus headache, was congested, and just could not breathe. I took three caps of AirAide™ and within minutes my headache was completely gone and I could BREATHE! I was thrilled with the results I received from AirAide™. I will always keep some with me. Thanks."

Chris R.


Testimonial by Tom C. of Highlands Ranch, CO

"...this marathon was MUCH easier than I expected. I wanted to pace for a 4 hour 25 minute time. I ended up running a 4 hour 7 minute time. I probably could have run faster if I would have really pushed myself. Never at ANY time did I feel shortness of breath or find myself in any sort of cardiovascular disarray. My lungs and muscles felt great. I can't tell you that it was directly attributable to your product since there were so many other factors involved yet I CAN tell you that I never struggled to breath. I felt great. My recovery has been smooth. I took a pretty tough 30 minute bike ride the day after the race and today I lifted weights and did a hard 20 minutes on Stairmaster.

I know one thing; I will take your product when I run the Marine Corp Marathon in October."

Tom C.
Highlands Ranch, CO  

Testimonial by Debbie Kampman of Arvada, CO

"I will have to tell you I was a bit skeptical at first, but being that I have been diagnosed with sports induced asthma I was intrigued. I left my inhaler in another state by accident and I hadn't worked out for about a week (totally unlike me), so I figured it would be the best time to try AirAide. I took 6 pills about 30 minutes before I went out for a run and I was amazed! It worked just as good as my inhaler! (I'm not on a steroid form of inhaler). I am looking for an alternative (natural) to replace my inhaler and I think AirAide, just might be the answer."

Debbie Kampman
Arvada, CO  

Testimonial by Mike Carroll of Broomfield, CO

"Hi - I picked up a sample bottle of Airaide at the expo for the Denver Marathon 2006 - Shortly after that weekend, I developed a chest and head cold that lasted for about 2 weeks that all but stopped any training I was doing. During this sickness, I remembered that I had this sample and tried it. When I started taking 1 pill before bed, it allowed me to sleep through the night and breathe easy for the first time after about 6 strait nights of not being able to do so. This is an amazing product! I'm sure it helped speed along my recovery."

Mike Carroll  

Testimonial by Jon B. of Buena Vista, CO

"Without a doubt the overall increase in lung function, heart rate reduction, and lowered perceived effort are truly remarkable. I recently used the product on a ridge traverse for 4 hours above 12,500ft. The vitality I felt was unparalleled. Even recovery time was lessened. Thanks for keeping me posted. I look forward to continued involvement with your organization."

Jon B.
Buena Vista, CO  

Testimonial by Jeff Richey - Chicago Storm of Chicago, IL

"I'm in great shape. It shocked me when I took the AirAide™ Challenge. I tried the product, waited, and re-tested my lung capacity to find an amazing 20% increase... It Works For Me!"

Jeff Richey
Chicago Storm Goalkeeper  

Testimonial by Bruce K. of Chicago, IL

"AirAide™ helped give me the added stamina that I needed to not only finish the race, but to turn in one of my best performances to date."

Bruce Kaminsky
Chicago Accenture Triathlete  

Testimonial by Lori K. of St. Paul, MN

"You gave me a sample of the AirAide™ pills and I gave them a try and they worked better than I thought they ever would. I never expected to finish the marathon when I came out there. I just wanted to try it and see how far I could go. I just barely made it in the 6 hour time limit. I feel like I struggled more with the heat than the altitude. So you were right. The pills worked great. I will definitely recommend them to my friends I run with. Thanks again."

Lori K.
St. Paul, MN  

Testimonial by Nicholas H. of Chicago, IL

"I can't believe that people train without using AirAide™! This product improves breathing and keeps it steady and under control. I experience no wheezing or coughing when the intensity increases during a race or workout. My throat feels clear, my breathing is steady and my heart rate has even improved. This product is fantastic!"

Nicholas H.
Chicago, IL  

Testimonial by Don Y. of Chicago, IL

"I took the product the day of registration and I noticed improved breathing almost immediately. I came back Saturday and spoke with you and picked up more AirAide™ for the sprint event and took 6 capsules about an hour prior to my wave. I found my breathing was indeed deeper or should I say my capacity seemed greater. Swimming is not my best event but It wasn't because of the breathing as previous experiences during training but rather my own inability to get in my zone for the swim. The bike was great and the run was ok. I completed the event finishing 929 of 1718 overall. I was 21 of 39 in the 55-59 class. I was happy with the outcome and i prevailed in the end beyond my expectations for the first time participating in a triathlon. My bike was 370 of 1718 all ages in the best event. In conclusion, I was impressed with the results I felt using AirAide™ and will continue to use it in preflight mode. I will be back next year and I feel confident your product was useful in my first triathlon."

Don Y.
Chicago, IL
(recovering from collapsed lung)  

Testimonial by Nancy G. of Chicago, IL

"I did in fact try the sample AirAide™ and it was great! I did notice a difference. I was able to breath better. I sometimes get congested as a result of a slightly deviated septum in my nose and using AirAide™ made a big difference. I in just a few minutes after taking 3 to 4 pills, I was breathing better and was decongested. Not only that, but I did feel more energetic with AirAide™. It was a good feeling, unlike a sugar "high" I did not feel a "crash" after a few hours. It works wonderful and the fact that AirAide™ is made of natural herbs, etc., just makes it that much better."

Nancy G.
Chicago, IL  

Testimonial by James E. of New York

"I recently tried {AirAide™} out for an 18mile race and it was great! I ran a PB {Personable Best} of 2:20:45 - nearly 4 minutes better than my previous time (on the same course). My easy, smooth breathing was definitely a contributing factor. Thanks again."

James E.
New York  

Testimonial by Tim of Minnetonka, MN

"I took (4) capsules the evening before the marathon, another (4) 30 minutes or so before the start and then my final (4) capsules around the 13 mile mark of the marathon. Milwaukee was my 13th Marathon/Ultra this year and other than calf cramps during the last 3 miles, I felt great! By the way, even with the leg cramps, I'm pleased to say Milwaukee was a marathon PR for me and my first race in years where I didn't suffer from a sore throat and/or a hoarse voice for 2+ days after the marathon."

Minnetonka, MN  

Testimonial by Ken Barnes of Chicago, IL

"I felt great at the end there. I took it before the swim and I started to feel it by the 800 yard mark. I felt good and got my extra wind. I kept going on the bike and it kicked in toward the end. The product's phenomenal!"

Ken Barnes
Competitive Triathlete
Chicago, IL  

Testimonial by Jim C. of Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks for the AirAide™ sample before the marathon.  I was struggling with allergies that particular weekend, and have a history of seasonal allergy issues.  I noticed improvement within an hour from my allergies. I took AirAide™ before the marathon and at mile 18 and felt great.  I finished a bit faster than my normal pace even with some knee issues."

Jim C.

Testimonial by Chris P. of England

"I am an over 50 Chicago finisher who in the past have suffered from breathing problems. I was given a trial pack at the expo and decided to give them a try. What a difference they made in the first half... no breathing problems, and as soon as I started to feel uncomfortable I took two more, and in no time I felt better and finished with my breathing still fine. On the 25th, I finished the Dublin Marathon again after using the rest of AirAide™ with the same results. They are FANTASTIC, Thanks."

Chris P.

Testimonial by Bob H. of Minnesota

"I finished in 4:15:25, which was my best time in 5 years!! I would have to attribute at least some of my success to AirAide™. My recovery has been excellent, with no muscle soreness (it is now about 48 hours after my finish). I think that on my next marathon I will use AirAide™ through my entire training, as this will get my body even more familiar with the product."

Bob H.

Testimonial by Joanie H. of Littleton, CO

"I took the AirAide as suggested and had a good experience. I ran a comfortable pace and never really felt out of breath. "

Joanie H
Littleton, CO  

Testimonial by Alan H. of Chicago, IL

"I have had a great experience with the AirAide™. I have used on my training rides and I feel it gives me an additional boost for the entire workout. I decided to use on the high intensity workouts for the extra energy."

Alan H.
Chicago, IL  

Testimonial by "Determined" Fermin Camarena of San Juan Capistrano, CA

"First started at 410 on a peak flow meter, took 5 tabs, felt a clearing of the lungs within an hour. An hour and a half later I blew 490 on a peak flow meter. I feel great. Determined Fermin! Never give up."

"Determined" Fermin Camarena
San Juan Capistrano, CA  

Testimonial by Bill R. of Colorado

"Originally I was not going to take them since this was my first Marathon and my coach advised not trying anything new on race day. I have breathing problems because of a broken nose so I decided to try them. My only regret was that I didn't take any with me so I could have taken some in the later stages of the race."

Bill R.

Testimonial by Amalia L. of Austin, TX

"I used your product while cycling and also while sparring (boxing).  I really felt like it did improve my lung capacity.  I didn't have any negative side effects (jittery feeling, etc), so I was extremely pleased."

Amalia L.
Austin, TX  

Testimonial by John Otten of Denver, CO

"I did try AirAide while running the Denver Marathon. As I am not a Colorado native, breathing this thin air has always been an issue for me. I used 3 pills throughout the course and my breathing felt fine even in the latter miles of the event so I was very pleased. Thanks for all of your support and I love your product."

John Otten
Denver, CO  

Testimonial by Layne D. of Milwaukee, WI

"I'm an ex-smoker from 16 years ago. When I run a marathon the back of my throat often gets mildly hoarse from sucking so much air while running. It builds up phlegm that I have to spit out on a continuous basis. I give you all this, because the back of my throat felt very smooth. It was quite noticeable. I was able to breathe with less build-up, less spitting."

Layne D.
Milwaukee, WI  

Testimonial by Kathleen H. of Chicago, IL

"I found it to be helpful in my breathing, and I liked the fact that it did not make me jittery or "wired". Breathing has always been an issue for me in running and this has definitely helped. I even recommended it to one of my friends here who also has the same issue with running as I do (did) as she is training for a triathlon now."

Kathleen H.
Chicago, IL  

Testimonial by Dale L. of US

"I have had asthma for a long time. Recently at a 1/2 marathon I used this product (as directed) for the first time. IT WORKS !! I didn't weeze nor did I experience any asthma like symptoms that I normally have. I strongly recommend this product and look forward to using every time I run in the future!!!"

Dale L.
Jackson, MI  

Testimonial by Pattie F. of Austin, TX

"I am a personal trainer and have tried many products and am in general very skeptical of their claims. AirAide™ did truly live up to everything it said it would be...I used it during the first half of the marathon and there was a marked difference in my breathing... everything felt soother and I felt I was making the most of the air I was taking in... my only regret is that I did not take it the second half as you suggested. The lift was non jittery and I felt focused and it was truly easy to get a deep breath in spite of the cold air that usually hinders that for me.

Thanks again,"

Pattie F.
Austin, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's in AirAide™?

Supplement ingredients:

Platycodi Radix, Poria Cocos, Ligustici Wallichii Rhizoma, Aurantii Fructus, Bupleuri Radix, Peucedani Radix, Menthe Herba, Schizonepetae Herba, Sileris Radix, Forsythia Fructus, Ginseng Radix, Notoptergii Rhizoma et Radix, Angelicae Pubescentis Radix, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Zingiberis Recens Rhizoma, Angelicae Radix, Trichosanthis Radix, Atractylodis Alba Rhizoma, Fritillariae Bulbus, Scutellariae Radix, Rhei Rhizoma et Radix

2. What is the "science" behind the product i.e. how does it work?

AirAide™ is a proprietary formula consisting of a synergetic blend of all safe and natural herbs. It is designed to increase lung capacity by relaxing the lining of the bronchial tubes naturally, allowing more air flow into the lungs. Allowing more air into the lungs will increase lung capacity and therefore improve endurance.

3. Can this product be taken with other medications?

To date, AirAide™ has had no adverse reactions when combined with other medications. However, as with any product, diet or physical activity, check with your doctor, pharmacist or healthcare practitioner before use.

4. The product is natural but is it safe? Is this product safe for children?

Yes. The following chart can help with dosages:

0 - 40 lbs    »    1 Capsule
40 - 80 lbs    »    2 Capsules
80 - 130 lbs    »    3 Capsules
130 - 175 lbs    »    4 Capsules
175 lbs and up    »    5 Capsules

5. Will I breathe more slowly or more efficiently?

You will breathe more efficiently. See answer to FAQ number two.

6. Is this product good for "short burst" type of activities or just endurance activities?

Both. We have noticed through experience with AirAide™ that people running hard will metabolize our product in only 3-4 hours, while people doing less strenuous physical activity will take longer to metabolize it. All of this depends on the person's body type, physical activities, prior food consumption etc.

7. Is this product legal for high school associations (IHSAA), college and/or other organizations that have rules and regulations regarding "enhancement performing" products?

All organizations have their own specific set of rules and regulations on what is acceptable or not so this question cannot be answered. However, we have professional teams that use this product. We can send you a sample so that you can have it tested by your specific organization or you can print the list of ingredients above and have the product tested this way.

8. Is this product effective for persons having COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or other types of respiratory illnesses?

AirAide™ was originally designed as a remedy based on sports enhancements. This product works for anyone that wants to breathe easier. However, as with any product, diet or physical activity, check with your doctor, pharmacist or healthcare practitioner before use.

9. Can the product be bought and shipped overseas?

At present, AirAide™ is available only in the United States of America. We have plans to expand to international destinations soon.

10. What does radix mean behind every herb?

Radix means "root" in Latin. Normally this refers to "point of origin", but in the case of herbs, it usually refers to the plants roots.

11. What is the recommended dosage?

AirAide™ contains 90 capsules per bottle, which is a one-month supply if you take the recommended dosage of 2 capsules per activity.

As an advanced dosage, individuals who have high metabolism and are in fit shape can take up to 4 capsules every 4 hours, not exceeding 12 capsules per day.

12. Is there a money-back guarantee?

AirAide™ is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling. Your order will come with return instructions. If you have any questions, please email customer service.

13. When will I receive my order?

AirAide™ is shipped via DHL. For standard ground shipping, please allow approximately 4 business days to receive your order. Your credit card will be charged only when your order ships. If you have any questions, please email or call customer service. At present, we do not ship AirAide™ outside the United States of America.

14. Do you have any dosage suggestions for marathoners (# of caps and when to take them)?

Our recommendation is to take 4 or 5 caps 30 minutes before the start. Also, have 4 caps in your pocket and take those at mile 16. This is based on the feedback we are getting from marathoners.

15. Has anyone had a bad reaction to AirAide™?

We have never had anyone who has had a bad reaction to AirAide™.

16. Are there any stimulants in AirAide™?

There are no stimulants such as caffeine, ephedrine, or ma huang, or anything harmful in AirAide™

17. Is AirAide™ "legal" to use in closely regulated events?

There are no stimulants such as caffeine, ephedrine, or ma huang, or anything harmful in AirAide™, so you can take it with confidence.  It has been independently tested and conforms with the list of World Anti-Doping Association of Prohibited Substances (meaning it contains nothing that is restricted by the World Anti-Doping Association).  So, when you come in first you won't have to worry about failing the drug test!

18. When can I take it? Only when I'm doing cycling or running?... or can I take it daily?

We recommend taking AirAide™ whenever you want to breathe more deeply and easier. Usually that involves some activity such as cycling or running, but it does not have to be high impact. For example, some people take AirAide™ for Yoga or meditation. It is about the breath. Some take it at noon in the office and say that by 3 pm there is no afternoon "lull". And the good thing about AirAide™, it works the first time and every time you take it. There is no loading time. So if you are inactive during the week and have a big cycling event on the weekend, you can take AirAide™ 30 minutes before cycling and enjoy the benefits of AirAide™.

19. My Stepfather has Emphysema. Might AirAide™ assist him in his breathing or would it only work for individuals who are active?

AirAide™ will assist anyone with breathing.  You do not have to be active to enjoy the benefits of AirAide™.  We actually had someone with Emphysema complete the Chicago Triathlon.  So if someone can do that imagine what it can do for someone who just wants to walk.  Some people take AirAide™ to do Yoga and to meditate because it is about the breath.

20. Your site says that my card was declined; I know there are funds available. My bank says that the transaction was authorized. Why didn't my transaction go through?

If you receive the message "This transaction has been declined." the order did not go through. In some instances, the transaction may be declined because of a CVV2 "card code" mismatch.

The CVV2 card code is a security measure requires for all transactions. Since a CVV2 number is listed on your credit card, but is not stored anywhere, the only way to know the correct CVV2 number for your credit card is to physically have possession of the card itself. Although the card issuing bank may authorize the transaction, our policy is to reject any transactions where the card code submitted does not match the card code indicated by your bank during the transaction authorization. Please be sure to enter in the proper CVV2 code (located on the back of your card). Here's a link with more information about how to locate your CVV code:

21. When can I expect my order to be processed and shipped? Please explain processing and shipping time...

Shipping times are in addition to order processing time. Orders placed before 5pm CST Monday - Friday are generally processed the same day. It is typical that an order placed Monday - Thursday before 5pm CST will ship that evening. Orders placed after 5pm on weekdays are typically not processed until the next business day. No orders are shipped on Saturday or Sunday. Holidays can also extend processing time. Please call us for special orders to avoid any miscommunication.


AirAide™ is shipped via DHL. For standard ground shipping, please allow approximately 4 business days to receive your order. Your credit card will be charged only when your order ships. If you have any questions, please email or call customer service. At present, we do not ship AirAide™ outside the United States of America.

Shipping times are in addition to order processing time. Orders placed before 5pm CST Monday - Friday are generally processed the same day. It is typical that an order placed Monday - Thursday before 5pm CST will ship that evening. Orders placed after 5pm on weekdays are typically not processed until the next business day. No orders are shipped on Saturday or Sunday. Holidays can also extend processing time. Please call us for special orders to avoid any miscommunication.


If, within 60 days of your purchase, you are unsatisfied with AirAide™ for any reason, please email or call customer service to arrange a return and complete refund.


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